Address: Rushwee Cottage ,Stackallen, Slane , Co Meath. Ireland



Our Mission

Geography should create no barrier to enjoying the benefits of Seaweed and the joy of the Sea. 

We at the the seaweed skin company bring the Atlantic to your home where-ever that may be.

At The seaweed skin company, we believe that life should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible.  Our seaweed powder is the same no matter what you use it for.  Whether it be a face mask, a foot spa or a bath it is the same seaweed powder.  


 About US

For the last 30 Years Richard has been involved in bringing Atlantic seaweed to the homes of Ireland and beyond.

Growing up in county Clare the mere sight of any troublesome skin issues in the family the, go-to solution was always a dip in the sea.  Curiosity and research into why the old wives remedy worked, explained the magic of the sea and seaweed and created in Richard a lifelong passion for seaweed and its healing properties. 

Now based in the Boyne Valley Richard epitomizes his belief that you don’t need to live near the sea to avail of the benefits of Atlantic seaweed.   He and his family continue to enjoy the Atlantic miles from the coast. 



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